Inaugural Cohort: 2007 NLN Academy Fellows

2007 - 2017

The National League for Nursing celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Academy of Nursing Education in the year 2017.

"NLN Academy fellows are a wonderful reflection of the enterprise, creativity, and drive that motivates excellence in nursing education to prepare graduates to deliver sustainable, accessible, culturally-sensitive care to a diverse patient population,” said Anne R. Bavier, PhD, RN, FAAN , NLN President.

Since its inception, the Academy has welcomed 234 leaders in nursing education, from nursing programs across the academic spectrum and from other organizations committed to advancing the quality of health care in the US and around the world. 

Fellows Inducted in 2007


Patricia Allen, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Martha Alligood, PhD, RN, ANEF
Gail Baumlein, PhD, RN, CNS, ANEF
Anne Belcher, PhD, RN, AOCN, CNE, FAAN, ANEF
Mary Lou Bond, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Carol Boswell, EdD, RN, ANEF, CNE
Sharon B. Cannon, EdD, RN, ANEF
Maria Connolly, PhD, APN, CNS, FCCM, CNE, ANEF
Bertha Davis, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Sharon Decker, PhD, RN, CS, CCRN, ANEF
Frances Eason, EdD, RN, C, CNE, ANEF
Janice R. Ellis, PhD, RN, ANEF
Bronwynne C. Evans, PhD, RN, FNGNA, ANEF
Betsy Frank, PhD, RN, ANEF
Kathleen Gaberson, PhD, RN, CNOR, CNE, ANEF
Ann Gothler, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Judith Halstead, DNS, RN, ANEF
Pamela Hammond, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Mary Beth Hanner, PhD, RN, ANEF
Celia. L Hartley, MN, RN, ANEF
Donna Ignatavicius, MS, RN, ANEF
Pamela Jeffries, DNS, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Marybeth Kelley, MSN, MEd, RN, CNE, ANEF
Barbara Krainovich-Miller, EdD, APRN, BC, ANEF
Georgie Labadie, EdD, RN, ANEF
Carrie B. Lenburg, EdD, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Andrea Lindell, PhD, RN, ANEF
Lois W. Lowry, DNSc, RN, ANEF
Frances Monahan, PhD, RN, ANEF
Ramona Nelson, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, ANEF
Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF
Dorothy Otto, EdD, RN, ANEF
Susan G. Poorman, PhD, APRN, BC, ANEF
Cheryl Schmidt, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Teresa Shellenbarger, DNSc, RN, CNE, ANEF
Elizabeth Speakman, EdD, RN, CDE, ANEF
Helen Streubert Speziale, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Beverly Welhan, DNSc, RN, ANEF
Marvel Williamson, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Patricia Yoder-Wise, EdD, RN, CNAA-BC, FAAN, ANEF
Eileen Zungolo, EdD, RN, CNE, FAAN, ANEF