Informatics Teaching


In May 2008, the NLN released the Position Statement Preparing the Next Generation of Nurses to Practice in a Technology-rich Environment: An Informatics Agenda, which recommended that faculty develop competency in informatics. In an effort to assist faculty with this task, the Task Group on Faculty Development Related to Informatics Competencies was formed by the Educational Technology and Information Management Advisory Council to create a web resource with information and links to materials that would assist faculty to develop competency.

This toolkit contains resources related to computer and information literacy, since these competencies are pre-requisites for informatics competencies, but the main focus is informatics. Resources in the informatics section of the toolkit focus on:

  1. Faculty Resources - designed to prepare faculty to understand informatics. These resources include articles, websites, courses, workshops, etc.
  2. Teaching/Learning Strategies - examples of strategies used by other faculty with their students. These resources include case studies, power point presentations, articles, websites, etc.
We hope you find these resources useful.

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