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A Guide for Educators

Develop your coaching skills collaborating with experts from the National League for Nursing. Practice how to promote reflective learning in novice nurses utilizing Socratic dialogue and recognize how to foster a safe and effective learning environment.
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Faculty Intensives: Good Teaching Doesn't Just Happen

This series of online hybrid NLN faculty intensive courses are designed to prepare faculty entering the academic nurse educator environment or our experienced nurse educators looking to enhance their existing faculty knowledge and skills to successfully work within this contemporary nursing education movement.

Register for This Course | 30 contact hours / 3 CEUs

CNEcl Prep Course

This online learning program will prepare the particpant for the NLN CNE®cl Certification examination. It is the only official NLN online course. The session will identify the Cenacle testing criteria and an overview of the certification exam.
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Advancing Care Excellence for Caregivers

Understand the complex needs of family caregivers of older adults and the domains of the interprofessional family caregiving competencies and family caregiving preparedness. Practice integrating caregiving content into your curricula.
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NLN CNE Prep Course

This online course, designed for nurse educators, covers the major content areas of the CNE® Exam to help assess your level of readiness.
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NLN SIRC Courses

NLN SIRC courses are an online e-learning solution for simulation faculty and staff development covering everything from the basics of integrating and debriefing simulations to conducting evaluation.
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Enhancing Learning through Technology Series

These technology courses provide learning focused on using technology and instructional methods to enhance student engagement and learning in and out of the classroom. The teaching/learning technologies covered include: web-based resources, desktop resources, and online applications.
Currently undergoing revision - will reopen in late 2021