Constituent League Style Guide and Logos

In order to maintain our brand identity, we try to be consistent with the design of our print and online collateral. Constituent Leagues have full creative freedome over their work, but we ask that you adhere to some basic guidelines, particularly with use of your logo. These are outlined in the Constituent League Style Guide.

Download the Constituent League Style Guide (PDF) »

NLN Affiliated Constituent leagues are required to use the logos as designed. To access your league's logo, please download the zipped file below and find yours sorted by state.

Two versions of each logo exist. One is a horizontal format and one is vertical. Either can be used depending on what works best with your composition. Two file formats are included: ​
.PNG — for use on websites or with software such as PowerPoint or Word.
.EPS — for high resolution printed materials (the logo will not be visible unless opened with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Indesign).

Download Constituent League Logos »