A Sample of Giving Opportunities

Partnership commitments are celebrated in many ways ranging from naming opportunities to complimentary conference registration. We appreciate partnerships and gifts of all levels. The following list is a brief representation of industry and individual ways to give to the NLN Home for Transformative Excellence.

NLN Centers for Nursing Education (over 3-5 years)
Full Sponsorship $3 million
Shared Sponsorship $1 million
Faculty Programming (over 3 years)
NLN Leadership Institute $1 million
Advancing Care Excellence Initiatives $1 million
Scholar in Residence $600,000
Grants and Scholarships $300,000


Unrestricted Individual Gifts

These unrestricted gifts allow League leadership and CEO Dr. Beverly Malone to direct funds to the areas of greatest need. 


Gifts at any level are valued and recognized.

To learn more about the NLN Home for Transformative Excellence, contact Tatiana Nin at tnin@nln.org and (202) 909-2494.