Getting Involved

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For those nurse educators who are certified through these certification programs, there are several ways to become involved as a volunteer to advance your career and those of your colleagues in the industry. You also will be recognized for your work by the NLN, including in the Salute to Members published annually. 
  1. Volunteer as a certification test item writer. There are currently two certification examinations. The test item writing committees are separate committees with each one committed to specific exams. Some volunteers participate in both committees item writing processes. The program appoints items writers for a two-year term, and the item writing group meets annually to generate new questions. This has now become a virtual activity with video meetings and conference calls. To volunteer for this assignment, a current curriculum vita should be submitted to the director of the certification program. The CV will be reviewed by the test development chairperson and those selected will be assigned to a committee based on the applicant’s request, experience, and talents.
  2. Next, preferably after experience as an item writer, you may serve on a test development committee. Again, each exam has a separate committee. The committee member is asked for two years of service by appointment. The committees meet annually face-to-face at the offices of the test platform provider for psychometric review of active items, review of newly written items, and revision of test items if needed. Other meetings required during the year are done in the virtual mode.
  3. After experience as an item writer and serving on test development committee, volunteers are encouraged to engage as a potential nominee for open Board of Commissioners open positions. The applicant progresses through the nomination process, as do all applicants for NLN elected positions. The Certification Nomination Committee gives special attention to applicants who have served in the above capacities. There are normally two positions on the Board that become open annually. The elected term of office for the Board is three years. Many Board members continue to serve on the item writing or test development committees.

To submit your CV for consideration, email it to Larry Simmons, Director of Certification Programs, at