CNE®cl Fees

Computer-Based Testing Fee Schedule for CNE®cl

NLN member: $300
Non-member: $400

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Important Fee Information:

Practice requirements cannot be waived. Do NOT submit examination application or fees if the eligibility requirements have not been met at the time of application.

Payment must be made by credit card only. Business or personal checks, money orders, or cash are not accepted.

The fees apply to testing within the continental US and Hawaii. If you require testing at a testing center located within the US Territories, please contact the NLN Academic Nurse Educator Certification Program at (618) 534-0294 or to discuss testing arrangements and the applicable fees.

Examination fees will be forfeited under the following circumstances:

  • The candidate appears more than 15 minutes late for the examination.
  • The candidate fails to report for an examination.
  • The candidate wishes to reschedule an examination but fails to contact Scantron at least two business days prior to the scheduled testing session.
  • The candidate wishes to reschedule the test date and time for the second time.

Please carefully review the Candidate Handbook for complete information about the Certified Clinical Academic Nurse Educator examination. Questions — contact us at