Information for Meeting Requirements

Option A: Credit Requirements

  • Accrue a minimum of 50* renewal credits (RCs) during each renewal cycle.
  • *75 renewal credits (RCs) will be required beginning in 2026.
  • Renewal credit refers to "organized professional activities which are indicators of continued professional development as a nurse educator."
  • Activities must be related to at least five of the NLN's Nurse Educator Core Competencies.
  • Credits are earned only for participation in activities during the current renewal cycle.
  • Qualifying activities will be distributed across the five-year period.

Option B: CNE Exam

  • Register and pass the Certified Nurse Educator exam before the certification expiration date.
  • How to register

Renewal Cycle

Each renewal cycle is a five-year period. The certification period begins on the day the CNE receives her/his official passing test score and ends on the last day of the fifth year. An expiration date is located on each CNE certificate.  The renewal application must be submitted by September 30th of the expiration year.

Renewal Process

We are now paper-free for CNE renewal. Please go to, click on the Certification tab, and then click the red button that says Renew Now. You will also have the ability to upload documentation if you wish.

Option A - Credit requirements

  • Supporting documentation can be uploaded directly to the application on the Certification Portal
  • All renewal activities submitted for renewal credit are subject to review and approval by the ANECP.
  • Credit may be denied by the ANECP.
  • It is the responsibility of the CNE to maintain certification.
  • Each year, the NLN Certification Program will randomly select a percentage of certificants for a renewal audit.

Option B - Pass CNE exam